Advantages of Pallet Stacker And Its Types

pallet truck and pallet stacker

A warehouse or shop would not be complete without a pallet stacker. The reason for this is that they are ideal for low-duty cycles. Therefore, as a leading pallet stacker supplier, we have outlined everything you should know about pallet stackers.
What is a stacker?
A stacker is an item of warehouse material handling equipment that can lift and stack palletized materials. While similar to a hand pallet truck, a stacker is capable of lifting palletized goods from low-level to mid-level positions. 
For the different capacities of stackers in the material handling equipment industry because of their essential use in warehousing, there are many types available.
Advantages of a Pallet Stacker
Pallet stacking equipment is cheaper than forklifts, and they don’t require operators to be licensed. 
During operations, a stacker can fit into narrow aisles with easy maneuvers, which are ideal for warehousing and shops to increase efficiency. Types of Pallet Stacker provides warehouse stacking equipment of all kinds that improve productivity and efficiency. In addition, provides high-performance stackers for many applications.
1. Manual Pallet Stacker
Featuring a hydraulic pump, the Manual Pallet Stacker allows users to easily lift materials from open-based pallets using just their hands. 
2. Platform Stacker
Platformed pallet stackers are built with a lifting table and overload protection. Platform plates are removable, and pedals are collapsible.
Additionally, warehouse pallets of up to 400 kg can be stacked on this platform stacking equipment.
As well as that, offers electric and manual platform stackers, so you can choose what is right for you.
3. Straddle Leg Stackers
With the help of straddle legs, pallets can be lifted directly with help from a manual or powered straddle leg stacker. The straddle leg stacker ranges from semi-automatic to fully automatic.
For this reason, open-base pallets and closed-base pallets of up to 1000kg can be stacked on a straddle leg stacker, semi-electric stacker, or electric stacker.
4. Self Lifting Stacker
Stackers that self-load use a mechanism to lift their load automatically onto trucks or lorries, similar to other standard stackers.
5. Semi Electric & Electric Stacker
We offer Semi Elelctric Pallet Stacker and Electric Pallet Stacker that can lift loads between 1000kg and 2000kg. Our semi-auto stackers and electric pallet stackers have an integrated electric control system to make lifting heavy materials easier.
Applications of a Warehouse Stacker
Material handling stackers are best suited to applications with a low throughput rather than forklifts. Hence, warehouse stackers are used more often in manufacturing production lines, stores, and inventory facilities.
Material handling stackers do not require speedy mhe for short distances and do not involve high-level racking.
To improve your daily operations, we highly recommend investing in a stacker to lift your products instead of using manual labor. Contact our friendly customer service team today to learn more about our material handling equipment.
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