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Haizhilimachinery.Com Provides The Best Stacker Forklift

Haizhilimachinery.Com Provides The Best Stacker Forklift

Feb 28, 2022

Do you need to transport items over short distances in the warehouse? In this case, our electric stacker trucks are the perfect choice for flexible and pure pedestrian transport. We also offer stand-on platforms, Stacker forklift, Electric Stacker, Manual Forkliftand suspensions that ensure maximum comfort and easy travel even on uneven floors.
If you need to cover medium distances, opt for our electric sideways-seated stackers that can also be operated as ride-on, while our electro-hydraulic stackers can cover large distances.
Stacker trucks to suit your requirements
Our electric stacker trucks are ideal for transporting pallets quickly and safely from point A to point B, as well as lifting loads to raised platforms. They are available with a wide range of load capacities and lift heights. We are also happy to answer questions related to financing.
Stackers in all sizes
In addition to aisle length, the width of your warehouse aisles will also play a role in your choice of a stacker truck. For example, if your operation consists primarily of block stacking and narrow corridors, you will need a stacker truck with a compact width. Alternatively, you can provide your employees with additional comfort by choosing wide trucks for long distances and wide aisles.
Different stacker trucks for different heights
All your goods will be transported safely to their intended destination – whether at floor level or at higher levels - with our stacker trucks, which have capacities between one and three tons. Your high-lift pallet trucks can easily reach heights between 1600 and 3000 millimetres. And they can also be used as work tables if they are positioned at an ergonomically correct height. Our pedestrian stackers will better suit your needs if you require additional size - up to 5350 millimeters, for example.
Double-deck pedestrian stackers
Double-deck pedestrian stackers are pallet trucks and stacker trucks, which can transport two pallets simultaneously with a total weight of two tons. In addition, electric pedestrian stackers offer double the speed of conventional trucks, which will significantly improve the efficiency of your warehouse.

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