Hand pallet truck

Manual Pallet Jack Fulfil Warehousing Load & Unload Needs.

Pallet truck

A manual pallet jacks are powered jack most commonly seen in retail and personal warehousing operations. The hand pallet truck has value of owing to its utility inside factories, warehouses, docks, railway workshops. The jack is used to move pallets quickly and is a required tool for material handling in the warehouse and organizing pallets inside small spaces. The pallet trucks are a versatile kit and a must for any warehouse.

Cost-Effective Solutions 

Manual Pallet Jack is entirely operated by hand and requires less maintenance than fully powered and partially powered pallet jacks. The trucks are the efficient and simple mode of transporting palletized loads on the shop floor. The pallet truck is without a doubt the essential tool in materials handling. The pallet trucks represent a cost-effective solution for many transport tasks involving short distances.


Manual Pallet Stacker is high-performance and rugged built. They are used for handling palletized/non-palletized load and for horizontal transport. The lifts are ideal storage aids for manual tasks over short distances. The jack is a human-powered device that loads a flat pallet with a fork attached to the truck and transports it. It is durable and versatile hand pallet jacks in the industry to keep you moving forward.

Compatible Design 

The manual pallet truck delivers exceptional durability, functionality, and serviceability at competitive pricing. The pallet trucks have a simple raise/neutral/lower operating method. Overload valves and adjustable pump caps often characterize the jacks to ensure longer service life. The truck is one of the most commonly used lift trucks in industrial companies. It is used for material handling inside warehouses. A pallet truck is a wheeled designed to lift or transport pallets.

Quality Materials 

The trucks are equipped with quality materials, high strength, and durability. The pallet truck can use as a hand pallet lifter, lift table, and workbench – making it a versatile addition to your warehouse or workshop. The truck is made from authentic iron & alloys. With the help of this, the pallet can rise to a specific height above the ground. The truck is distinguished by the same consistently reliable features typical for all products.

The materials are known as pallet jack is a storage tool used to lift and move pallets. The hand pallet truck is designed to move pallets in irregular areas, especially buildings. The trucks are manually operated industrial duty products designed to lift a maximum weight. The pallet jacks are also known as a pallet truck, is a tool used to lift and move pallets. The pallet truck is standard with an entry and exit roller.

Reliable Options 

The truck is most commonly used in automotive industries, storerooms, warehouses, and material handling areas. The jack is designed to meet and exceed the demands of your most demanding workplace environments. The jacks are both economical and reliable and are suitable for standard pallets.

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