HES-A Series: Economic Walkie Electric Stacker

1 500KG



  1. Mast Design

For the electric pallet stacker, our company chooses the highest specification forklift channel steel to make the mast which ensures the machine’s stability and carrying capacity. Specifically, we use #12C forklift channel steel for the outer mast and #12J forklift channel steel for the inner mast. These two types of channel steel are formed by hot rolled which have high bending and torsional strength and good fatigue resistance. So, it is especially suitable for material handling equipment.


  1. Fork Design

Haizhili pedestrian pallet stacker has adjustable lengthening forks that are made of thickened high-strength structural steel plate. Moreover, we reinforced the fork with a special design steel plate for both the outer side and the inner side of the fork to ensure the fork does not deform when loading heavy cargo.


  1. Hydraulic Cylinder

Haizhili electric stacker’s hydraulic cylinder is made by high-precision automatic welding. The high-quality cylinder ensures the machine has strong power that carries heavy cargo. Moreover, for the electric model’s cylinder, we added a lowering buffer function. When the fork frame falls close to the end of the cylinder stroke, it will automatically slow down the descent speed until the end of the cylinder stroke. This function can reduce impact and noise when operating, increase the service life of the oil cylinder, and make the operation more comfortable .


  1. Drive Wheel System

Our company choose height-adjustable auxiliary wheels for the pedestrian pallet stacker which make the driving wheels have good contact with the ground and ensure no skidding.


  1. Power System
  • For the controller, we used a high-quality controller that ensures the stacker has stable performance and precise control.
  • For the hydraulic station, we used a high-performance 24V/3KW hydraulic station that has the advantages of low noise and low vibration.
  • For the battery, two sets of 12V / 85Ahlarge capacity maintenance-free batteries that meet the needs of long-term operation.


  1. Braking System
  • Two-position mechanical brake: tiller arm at vertical and horizontal position.
  • Emergency brake: cut off all power and brake immediately, so the stacker is always safe.
  • Anti-collision belly switch: The stacker stops quickly when the operator operates the belly switch and prevent squeezing injury in an emergency.

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