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  • electric-pallet-truck


The electric pallet truck is an efficient handling solution for the transport of pallets or equipment than a normal manual pallet truck.
The electric operation mode can save a lot of labor costs.
Also, the stand-on electric pallet trucks have a high position and short tiller designs that provide a better view and comfortable steering force.
So, the operator of the machine has less operator fatigue and better operating experience during frequent operating.


Product Details
Haizhili provides durable electric machines to customers. The mast channels are made from high-grade rolled steel sections for strength and durability. The high-quality CURTIS controller ensures the machine has stable performance and precise control. For the safety function, the machine has an emergency stop button, which will automatically cut off all power and brake immediately when the operator pushes the button. Also, the machine will automatically stop when the operator releases the handle.
Product Features
  1. Fork Design
The forks that made of thickened high-strength structural steel plates. Moreover, we reinforced the fork with a special design steel plate for both the outer side and the inner side of the fork to ensure the fork does not deform when loading heavy cargo.
  1. Mast Design
For the electric pallet truck, our company chooses the highest specification forklift channel steel to make the mast which ensures the machines stability and carrying capacity. The channel steel is formed by hot rolled which has high bending and torsional strength and good fatigue resistance. So, it is especially suitable for material handling equipment.
  1. Power System
  1. Equipped 24V210Ah lead-acid storage battery ensures the machine has long working hours.
  2. lEquipped a high-frequency intelligent charger 24V 30AH that is convenient for charging. The smart chargers with automatic power-off function when fully charged, effectively avoiding overcharging and prolonging battery life.
  3. lFor the controller, we used a high-quality CURTIS controller that ensures the stacker has stable performance and precise control.
  4. lThe AMP waterproof connectors and electrical components with reliable quality ensure that all wires and cables are safe and reliable, and greatly reduce the incidence of failures..
  1. Operating System design
  1. All controls on the ergonomic tiller head can be easily operated by both hands.
  2. The struck stops quickly when the operator operates the emergency reverse switch.
  3. An optional creep speed button makes maneuvering easier and prevents collisions when space is limited, for example.