CTY-D Series: Hand Pallet Stacker

  • 1000-2000kg
  • 1600-3500mm


  1. Mast

The Mast is made of high-quality C section steel, which is thicker than normal channel steel. So, our product is suitable for heavy cargo. Powder spraying treatment on the surface strengthens the anti-rust ability, and it is more beautiful and environmentally friendly than general paint treatment.


  1. Hydraulic Cylinder

The hydraulic cylinder with chrome-plated piston rod and a high-quality sealing ring, no leaking problems, and the cylinder has limited stroke and height, which is safe and reliable. For the body structure, the Cylinder is fixed with and steel ring to make the whole structure stronger and stability.


  1. Fork
  • Theforks are made of high-quality steel plates. Also, our fork has inner reinforcement to ensure strong load capacity and durability.
  • Forks covering the fixed legs improve the stability when loading goods.
  • Adjustable Steel welded forks suitable for pallets of different widths.


     4.Safety design

The stacker has a foot brake design, which keep the vehicle from moving when it is operating.

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