CBY-Series: Hand Pallet Truck

2000/2500/3000 KG



  • Forks& Frame –The force is more reasonable and the strength is more reliable

Made of thick steel plates (¬†2T model 3.0 mmÔľĆ3T model 4.0 mm, 5T¬†model 4.5mm) to ensure the fork would not deform when loading heavy cargo.)

Strengthening units on the forks back to ensure durability.

Robotic welding technology provides a superior finish and overall structural durability.

Powder-coat paint finish prevents rusting.

One-piece cast wheel frame, equipped with double front wheels, with strong load-bearing capacity.

  • Hydraulic cylinder–excellent performance¬†

Our regular pallet trucks are using casting hydraulic cylinders¬†which¬†are equipped with high-quality sealing ring.¬†So, we could significantly reduce oil leakage problem and increase operating stability. Also, our cylinder uses a relatively large size chrome-plated piston rod to ensure our machine has strong power to load cargo. Specificity, the size of our Chrome-plated¬†piston¬†rod¬†are 2T¬†model ŌÜ31.5 mm, 3T¬†model ŌÜ35 mm, and 5T¬†model ŌÜ50 mm.

  • Practical design

The moving parts are equipped with alloy bushings, which are resistant to wear, extend the service life and are easy to replace.

  • Wheels

The conventional models use high quality nylon wheel. Also, we provide PU wheel model for customers as an option.

Nylon wheel: low rolling resistance, takes less effort to pull goods

PU wheel: quiet running, better grip, wear-resisting, shock absorption

  • Customized service

Our goal is to satisfied all customers need in hand pallet truck. Here are some common customized types.

Fork length: 600mm, 800mm, 900mm, 1000mm, 1150mm, 1220mm, 1500mm, 1800mm and others

Fork height (min): 51mm, 85m and others

Capacity: between 1 ton and 10 tons

Hazhili Hand pallet truck manufacturers and suppliers in the China.


Hand pallet truck datasheet



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