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  • Semi Electric Drum Lifter

Semi Electric Drum Lifter

As same as the semi-electric stacker, the semi-electric drum lifter is a manual moving, electric lifting machine, which is a cost-effective handling solution for the transport of drum and material dumping.

Product Details
Product Features
The Mast is made of high-quality C section steel, which is thicker than normal steel. This type of mast ensures the machine's stability when it is operating. So, our machine is suitable for heavy cargo.

2. Hydraulic Cylinder 
Haizhili semi-electric machines hydraulic cylinder is high strength plunger-type cylinder that is made by high-precision automatic welding. This unique type of cylinder ensures the machine has strong power that carries heavy cargo and also prevents the machine from cylinder oil leakage.

3.Practical design 
lThe specially designed eagle-shaped clamp can easily and stably clamp the oil drum.
lFixing device at the bottom hold the drum firmly to prevent it from falling during transportation
lHigh-quality nylon wheels, which have high wear resistance and strong bearing capacity.
lFoot brake design, keep the vehicle from moving when it is operating.
lEmergency brake function: cut off all power and brake immediately, so the stacker is always safe.

4.Power system 
Our machine equips a 12V-85 Ah maintenance-free battery that can generally satisfy most customersdaily requirements. For others that have long-hour usage requirements, we provide optional high-capacity batteries.

5. Customized service 
For the semi-electric model, we also could provide customized service for different shapes of the clamp and reinforced drum holder. For the turn-over device, the manual type is our conventional model, but we also offer electric modes as an option. Moreover, for the company that needs more labor cost-saving, we can provide an electric oil drum lifter as an option. the electric models have both pedestrian model and stand-on model.