CTD-Series: Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker




Product Features

  1. Mast

The Mast is made of high-quality C section steel, which is thicker than normal steel. This type of mast ensures the machine’s stability when it is operating. So, our machine is suitable for heavy cargo. The maximum capacity for Haizhili semi-electric stacker is two tons.


  1. Hydraulic Cylinder

Haizhili semi-electric stacker’s hydraulic cylinder is high strength plunger-type cylinder that is made by high-precision automatic welding. This unique type of cylinder ensures the machine has strong power that carries heavy cargo and also prevents the machine from cylinder oil leakage.


  1. Forks

Haizhili semi-electric stacker has adjustable lengthening forks made of thickened high-strength structural steel plate. Moreover, we reinforced the fork with a special design steel plate for both the outer side and the inner side of the fork to ensure the fork does not deform when loading heavy cargo.


  1. Power system

Our machine equips a 12V-85 Ah maintenance-free battery that can generally satisfy most customers’ daily requirements. For others that have long-hours usage requirements, we provide optional high-capacity battery.


  1. Safety Design
  • Foot brake design, keep the vehicle from moving when it is operating.
  • Emergency brake function: cut off all power and brake immediately, so the stacker is always safe.
  • The long tiller arm ensures a large safety distance between the driver and the vehicle frame.
  • Metal grid protects the operator to avoid being injured by accidentally falling objects.
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