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Manual Pallet Stacker lifting height 2000-3500mm

The double mast model: Lift 2-3.5 meters model with two-stage mast design that meet the requirements of high stacking.  Moreover, with the two-stage mast design, we are able to let the stacker has a shorter overall height, which is able to translate cargo in working conditions with height restrictions, such as cargo lift or factory floor door that has high limits.  

Semi-Electric Pallet Stacker

The semi-electric stacker is a manual moving, electric lifting pallet stacker, which is a cost-effective handling solution for the transport of pallets, cargo, or equipment. It is widely used in factories, warehouses, and other places. For our product, Haizhili semi-electric stacker has unique designs in mast, hydraulic cylinder, and forks that win the recognition of our customers.


The pedestrian pallet stacker is an efficient handling solution for the transport of pallets or equipment than a normal manual stacker or semi-electric stacker. The electric operation mode can save a lot of labor costs. Also, the pedestrian design is a more economical choice than another type of electric stacker, and the off-centered tiller allows a smaller turning radius and is suitable for operation in na

Electric Pallet Stacker

The mast channels are made from high-grade rolled steel sections for strength and durability. The high- quality CURITIS controller ensures the stacker has stable performance and precise control. For the safety function, we use a two-position mechanical brake: tiller arm at vertical and horizontal position. The machine has an emergency stop button, which will automatically cut off all power and brake im

Manual Pallet Stacker

The manual stacker is a simple, easy-to-operate, and economical material handling equipment.  which is widely used for horizontal handling and stacking of cargo. Haizhili provides high-quality manual stackers that can meet various stacking needs. Specifically, we have two types of stackers: The single mast model: Lift 1.6 meters load 1-3 tons, specialized in lifting materials in the workshop a